June 22, 2022

Five Ways to Support Syrian Refugees in Refugee Week 2022


Thousands of refugees around the world are not giving up on their dreams. They choose to hold on to hope when it's almost impossible to do so. This year, following the theme of "Healing", Here are five ways you can support Syrian refugees and help them heal.

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1. Promote positive attitudes towards Syrian refugees

Learn from Syrian refugees in your community, neighborhood, and city. Listen to their stories, educate yourself about Syrian history and what makes their hometowns special. Explore Syrian meals, and get to know Syria’s famous restaurants in London, Berlin, Canada and USA through finding a franchise in your country. In your local community, encourage empathy and understanding of each refugee’s unique story and background. Engage in activities and initiatives that build welcoming and inclusive societies. By creating a healthy environment, you can support your new neighbours in adapting to their new host communities and start their lives without fear of being excluded.

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2. Sponsor a Syrian child's education

Millions of Syrian children have been displaced as a result of the conflict in their homeland. Not only did they lose their homes and the life they used to know, most also lost their only chance to continue their education in school after having to flee the country. As Jusoor believes education is a right and not a privilege, our Refugee Education Program provides Syrian refugee children with education and empower them with the skills and opportunities to become Syria’s future leaders. With only $50 a month, you can sponsor one of the children at Jusoor’s schools, provide them with quality learning opportunities, and give them back a chance to realize their full potential. Sponsor a child today, here.

3. Discover Syrian businesses and support Syrian entrepreneurs

Support Syrian refugee businesses that are trying to launch/succeed in new host communities. ManySyrian refugee business owners experienced a significant setback after the Syrian conflict began, especially in major industrial cities, such as Aleppo. Syrian business owners are working hard to build their new small business to the same success of their previous ones. Additionally, you can support  artisan crafts shops like Sharqi, first prize winner in Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow 2018 under our entrepreneurship program, for a gift for your loved ones. The e-commerce platform sells ornate items handcrafted by Syrian artisans in Jordan. Another example of award-winning Syrian businesses is Yorkshire Dama Cheese. which was founded by Razan and her husband Raghid, who fled Syria seeking a better life, and succeeded in employing their skills to make the best halloumi-style cheese in London. Hadi Sofan is another Syrian entrepreneur who fled Syria to The Netherlands and found Reviving Home, a crowdfunding platform that assists people with rebuilding and reviving their crisis-torn cities. Make a positive financial difference for refugees by supporting Syrian businesses in your local community.

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4. Mentor Syrian youth

Syrian refugees are actively looking for quality opportunities to better their lives. In particular, many Syrian youth are seeking to improve their academic performance and elevate their careers and fully engage in their host communities . Open doors and bright possibilities for a talented young Syrian by providing mentoring in either academic knowledge and skills. At Jusoor, we take care of matching mentees and mentors together, a process that is fully optimized based on what mentees are looking for and what mentors can offer. Mentors usually provide up to three months of support to their matched mentees.

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5. Share the stories of Syrians

Tell the stories of the Syrian people. The war in Syria has lasted for over 10 years –  we have heard the statistics and seen pictures of refugees in the beginning, yet the plight of over  6.2 million children, adolescents and adults has dropped out of mainstream media. And yet, the stories of Syrian refugees who have been successful despite every obstacle placed in their way are newsworthy and should be celebrated. We have compiled a list of five remarkable Syrians whose stories inspired us greatly, and there are still so many out there, ready for you to learn about and share!

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