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Program Update
March 21, 2024

File in Tab: Innovating Personal Healthcare Filing

Family-run company and Startup Roadshow 4 winners turn their struggles into a business
Joodi and Saher Antabi from File in Tab as they win Third Place in Jusoor’s Startup Roadshow 4 Demo Day

After the long illness and subsequent death of their patriarch Shawki, the Jordan-based Syrian Antabi family took it upon themselves to address a major issue they found with dealing with long-term illness.

Anyone who has had to deal with medical issues, from them or a loved one,  is well aware of the logistical challenges that arise with what is already a stressful and worrisome time - namely the sheer amount of paperwork to keep track of.

This is what the Antabi family chose to tackle with their startup File in Tab, an all-encompassing application that offers a secure platform for patients and medical facilities to file their test results, medical images, prescriptions, and diagnoses.  

Startup Roadshow 4: A Stepping Stone to Success

For Thaer Antabi, a co-founder of File in Tab and a Pharmacy student at Jordan University, the family’s participation in Startup Roadshow 4 was a crucial step. 

“Jusoor helped us understand how to set up a business, grow it, be an entrepreneur, and pitch our company. It was great to connect and network with a lot of people through the hackathon, and demo days,” he says. “We benefited a lot from the hackathon and incubator and intensive coaching and mentors that helped us in the early stages of File in Tab.”

His sister and business partner Joodi Antabi  agrees, adding: “Jusoor also supported us with the technical support needed to develop the idea for the app until we were able to reach the third position in the Startup Roadshow 4 Demo Day competition.”

“Jusoor finds the hidden gems of businesses. It helps give a ladder to gain information and have more knowledge on how to become an entrepreneur and open up a business,” Thaer Antabi says.

STEP program is supported by The Islamic Development Bank and the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund and implemented by SPARK and Jusoor.

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