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May 13, 2022

Crowd Farming Lebanon Enabling Agricultural Projects

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The main reason I decided to found Crowd Farming is the financial crisis in Lebanon.

George Salloum, the founder of Crowd Farming, witnessed the economical situation of the agriculture sector in his home country. Instead of being taken over by hesitation, George decided that despite the crisis, Lebanese farmers must have the opportunity to fund their agricultural projects. The entrepreneur's background and experience in using technical solutions are what led him to develop an online platform for individuals aiming to receive funding for their agricultural projects in a secure way.

Participating in Jusoor Agriculture Accelerator was an opportunity for George to expand on his knowledge. As a lecturer on building business models, he was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the training content, the involvement that the mentors showed, and the close followup he received throughout the three-month journey. George benefited greatly from the valuable network he engaged with. He learned from projects similar to his own in Jordan, and closely analyzed all their performance with support from his direct mentor. Winning the accelerator was the point of no return for George after almost giving up on his dream.

Winning the first place prize of $5000 is going to immensely develop Crowfarming, and bring it closer to start funding agricultural projects. George is eager to begin the process of bringing the platform to Lebanon and hiring new team members. “The start will be targeting Lebanese projects until we have our model sorted, After we achieve this in Lebanon, and in three or four year, we’ll move to other countries in the region”

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