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May 13, 2022

BobPlants Cultivating Rare Local Plants

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BoBplants is a project that specializes in growing rare organic crops in Lebanon, targeting people who are looking for both new and healthy products at the same time. The business targets people who are looking to ensure their nutritional needs are met, besides luxury hotels and restaurants that use these crops for decoration and service. The founder of BoBPlants is Jamal Award, a Syrian farmer living in Lebanon. When Jamal came up with the idea of BoBPlants, he faced a major challenge in finding a suitable piece of land for his work. However, he wanted to grow his non-traditional crops, and provide the Lebanese market with fresh crops.

Jamal found out about Jusoor Agriculture Accelerator while browsing Facebook as he was searching for funding opportunities. His participation in the accelerator enables Jamal to understand his target market, measure success, and pinpoint all the challenges he may face in order to know how to overcome them. “With the funding we earned from Jusoor, we’ll be renting a new piece of farming land. We’ll also grow three of four new crops.” The journey of BobPlants can only get better after receiving a prize of $2000 after winning third place in Jusoor Agriculture Accelerator.

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