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Rewriting The Future

Innovations in Global Refugee Employment
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About this event

Join Jusoor on Tuesday, 11 June 2024 to share innovations and reshape our understanding of possibilities for global refugee employment. Together with experts in remote employment, fintech, and cybersecurity, and featuring Jusoor Co-Founder and CEO of Intuit MailChimp, Rania Succar, and refugee talent voices, we will discuss challenges, learnings, and solutions that effectively bridge gaps for the global labor market while expanding opportunities for war- and displacement-affected youth. 

Jusoor is also thrilled to announce the launch of our newest intervention, ‘The Aya Project’, which is at the forefront of this transformation in career pathways for refugee youth and invites interested employers to hire exceptional Syrian and Palestinian talent.

As the global workforce landscape evolves and the future of work is being rewritten, the potential of remote employment as a force for good remains largely untapped especially within marginalized communities bearing significant talent. Jusoor’s newest intervention within our Career Development Program, The Aya Project, moves beyond upskilling and employability to securing employment for refugees, by bridging global employers seeking to hire specific roles from the labor market with refugee talent seeking non-tech remote work opportunities.

This gathering is an essential confluence of thought leadership, innovation, and actionable insights, designed to inspire action, foster connections, and catalyze a broader movement toward inclusive employment opportunities. Together, we wish to challenge and expand the humanitarian and private sector’s collective imagination about the possibilities for simultaneously meeting the labor market needs of refugees.

Distinguished Guests & Speakers

Prepare to be inspired as we share the stage with thought leaders and pioneers across technology, entrepreneurship, and refugee support.

Fireside Chat with Rania Succar

An exclusive fireside chat with Rania Succar, Co-Founder of Jusoor and CEO of Intuit MailChimp. Rania is a luminary in the tech industry whose leadership and vision have paved the way for transformative changes in how we approach work, innovation, and empowerment.

Panel Discussion: ‘Innovations in Global Refugee Employment’

The panel will be moderated by Jusoor Board of Directors member, Trauma Psychologist, and UN Advisor Dr. Alexandra Chen and will feature:

  • Ameer Jawad, Cofounder and CEO of Talpods, where he and his team are on a mission to unlock human potential in MENA's young population. Their flagship apprenticeship model bridges fresh graduates into the tech industry through intensive on-the-job training and mentorship, with a special focus on talent from high-inflation economies.
  • Malvina El-Sayegh, Director of Revenue Enablement at Oyster, the global employment solution for compliant, automated hiring and deep local intelligence. She enables sellers to help companies hire, pay, and care for incredible talent worldwide. She is also the co-host of the ‘Enablement Brew’ Podcast.
  • Feras Nasr, Innovation Manager at UK Palestinian Tech Hub, an initiative of the British Consulate General in Jerusalem that aims to create and facilitate relevant connections and partnerships between the British and Palestinian tech ecosystems. Feras is passionate about technology and the potential for technology-enabled startups to contribute to a vibrant Palestinian economy.
  • Tiago Rosado, Chief Information and Security Officer of Asite, is a seasoned global C-level security expert and leader with over 25 years of information security and leadership experience across various sectors. He's a regular speaker at events and podcasts and is passionate about sharing knowledge with others and developing their understanding of cyber security, geopolitics, and data privacy risks.

Why Attend? Insights, Innovation, Impact


  • Fireside Chat: hear from Rania Succar (CEO of Intuit MailChimp), a visionary in tech, discussing the future of jobs in the tech industry and the evolving role of AI and human collaboration.
  • Research: learn firsthand about the fascinating findings of Jusoor’s recent study with global employers and over a hundred refugee youth, offering insights into the potential of remote work for refugees and disadvantaged communities.


  • Expert Panel: join the discussion with experts in remote employment, fintech, and cybersecurity on the panel "Innovation in Refugee Employment Pathways”
  • The Aya Project: experience the launch of Jusoor’s newest Career Development Program intervention and how we are tackling logistical barriers to fill an existing gap in the labor market. Hear from refugees about their ambitions, skills, and career aspirations.


  • Hire Talent: gain exclusive access to profiles of Syrian and Palestinian talent and sign up to hire from our first Aya project cohort (talented Executive/Personal Assistants, Research Assistants & Translators, Graphic Designers, and Social Media Managers) and our first Tech Talent Pipeline cohort (talented software engineers and full stack developers)
  • Network: with humanitarian leaders, academic and private sector leaders, entrepreneurs, career platforms, and influential partners all committed to making a difference.

About Jusoor 

Jusoor, which means "bridges" in Arabic, is an international NGO with the mission of “Maximizing the potential of Syrian youth through education”. Founded in 2011 by Syrian Diaspora in the private sector, Jusoor is a unique model of humanitarian intervention known for its innovative approach, dynamic and continuously improving programs, high-velocity execution, and the strength of its global partnerships. We believe in lean impact and hold ourselves accountable for being nimble and responsive to the realities of Syrian children and youth on the ground and in the diaspora. We are also non-political, non-religious, and globally registered in the US, Canada, UK, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Over the last 12 years, Jusoor has been bridging the opportunity gap for war- and displacement-affected children at each developmental stage through to their early career. Through our 4 programs – Refugee Education, Scholarships, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development — we have impacted the lives of over 14,000 children and youth through creating diverse and meaningful educational pathways in the Middle East, US, UK, Europe, and Asia; trained over 2,000 entrepreneurs; and empowered over 600 businesses and startups through mobilizing over 27 million USD in global support. Our committed team of 25 staff and 50 frontline educators work passionately to empower and elevate generations of Syrian youth.

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