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Jusoor Team

Yannick Du Pont

Development Strategy Advisor

Drs. Yannick has worked for 30 years in the fields of higher education & economic development. As founder of SPARK, he on-site designed and supervised larger development programmes in the fields of education and economic development in over 25 countries. Besides being the owner of Brokering Development Solutions, he is a member of the Netherlands State Development Cooperation Committee at the  Advisory Council on International Affairs, serves in the Boards of the Max van der Stoel Foundation and Open Door Ukraine, the Advisory Board of the Centre of Theory of Change and the DIHAD International Scientific Advisory Board (DISAB.DIHAD). He lecturers in the DIHAD Masters programme and is a guest lecturer in the AMID Young Professional programme of the Radboud University.

With localisation close to heart and knowing Jusoor as an organisation that combines professionalism with passion for its work, he is honored to be serving as Development Strategy Advisor.