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Master's Degree
Aug 2023

Yassin Alsafadi

My name is Yassin AL Safadi. I am an Architect, an Urban planner, and a passionate volunteer. Before I graduated from the faculty of architecture at Damascus University in 2019, I founded the " Believe Voluntary team" and had the pleasure of leading over 45 volunteers to assist over 2000 students Between 2015 and 2019. My time was also divided between planning and designing architectural projects. Besides working to help architecture students improve their knowledge, Skills, and experiences through creating educational content. Or through my job as a design studio teacher at Damascus University. With over half of the Syrian people facing housing instability issues, my goal is to bring stability to our country through planning, designing, and introducing new housing strategies to solve the housing crisis in Syria. In addition to working on educating, empowering, and leading the next generation of architects, planners, and engineers to rebuild Syria and reinstate the Syrian people.
Academic Institution
University College London
United Kingdom
Field of Study
Housing and City Planning

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Yassin Alsafadi
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