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Master's Degree
Aug 2016

Nada Odeh

Nada Odeh is a Syrian artist, activist, humanitarian, and modern-day poet. She was born and raised in Damascus and lived in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates before coming to the U.S. in 2013 due to the conflict and revolution in her country. She established a project known as 'Nada's Picassos', which began in Damascus but has moved to Dubai, Michigan, and currently New York State. The medium she works in is acrylics on canvas and Arabic miniatures; Middle Eastern colors and small details of her heritage influence her art. The key theme in her artwork is Syrian refugees in camps and the Syrian people. Recently, she has focused more on displaced Syrian women in exile. Nada got her M.A. in Museum Studies from Syracuse University and her B.A. in Fine Arts from Damascus University. She has attended many workshops in the fields of visual arts, communication arts, and therapeutic arts. Nada has exhibited her art in Damascus, Dubai, New York City, Detroit, Toledo, Tiffin, Washington D.C., Syracuse, Albany, and Auburn, New York. She lives and works in Syracuse, New York.
Academic Institution
Syracuse University
Field of Study
Museum Studies

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Nada Odeh
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