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Master's Degree
Aug 2020

Muhammed Abbas

I hold a bachelor’s degree in International Trade and Logistics from Gaziantep University in Turkey within three years with an honors degree in 2019. I started working while studying and moved from one company to another until 2019 when I started working in Syrian Association for Studies and Consultations working in the humanitarian field in Syria and Turkey and started my duties as a financial and administrative officer in this organization. Then my duties developed and increased, and the legal aspect was added to my duties, as I began to follow the legal matters of the NGO within Turkey. I am now continuing with this NGO as I have a Certificate in Financial Management for a Non-Profit NGO from PM4NGOs. One of my tasks is to prepare the general budgets of the organization and for the projects that we implement, and to follow up and compare the implementation of activities with the planned.
Academic Institution
Istanbul University
Field of Study
Business Administration

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Muhammed Abbas
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