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Bachelor's Degree
Jun 2019

Muhammad Al Safadi

Muhamad Al Safadi is a Jusoor Alumni and has over 8 years of experience in data collection, analysis, and visualization, in addition to monitoring and evaluation systems. He previously worked for Humanity & Inclusion International as an IM-MEAL Supervisor, MEAL Consultant for DRC, NRC, SCI-, MEAL Manager for Handicap International in Turkey, and similarly for the Shafak organization. He has extensive experience at the international project level with strong expertise in developing MEAL plans for several projects across sectors (Health, Protection, Inclusion, Livelihood, Education, and WASH), designing digital learning experiences, M&E training & database management.
Academic Institution
Lebanese International University
Field of Study
Management Information Systems

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Muhammad is working as a MEAL Manager at Concern Worldwide. He studied Management Information Systems at Lebanese International University, followed by a Master’s in Business Administration and Management, and he is currently pursuing a remote MicroMaster’s degree in Project Management from Rochester Institute of Technology.
Muhammad Al Safadi
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