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Master's Degree
Aug 2023

Kousai Razouk

My name is Kousai Razouk and I am a civil engineer who graduated from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Al-Baath University with an average of 82%. In 2019, I traveled to work in the UAE as a structural engineer in an engineering consultancy I recently got a promotion and became the head of the Structural department. I worked with the Aga Khan Foundation in the humanitarian assistance program between 2013 and 2016, and I made many contributions to the organization in supporting refugees and displaced people. In 2020, I volunteered with the Emirates Red Crescent Organization until 2023. I aspire to complete my studies in Structural Engineering and be the first in my class to complete my Ph.D. studies. I will return to my country Syria in order to contribute rebuilding phase and to work as a professor in Syria.
Academic Institution
Toronto Metropolitan University
Field of Study
Civil Engineering

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Kousai Razouk
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