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Aug 2023


Eid is a resilient Syrian refugee based in Lebanon who is dedicated to advancing his higher education and making a positive impact on the world. He has a stellar academic record, having ranked first in his school and graduated with a diploma in nursing from an institute in Lebanon. Eid began his journey of volunteering and employment during his high school years, working as a dedicated nurse in the intensive care unit, tending to COVID-19 patients. He honed his communication skills and demonstrated exceptional dedication to his profession in this role. Eid also volunteered his time and expertise to esteemed organizations like Anera , Doctors Without Borders, and various non-governmental entities, extending vital support to the community and actively participating in its betterment. Eid's aspirations extend beyond personal accomplishments. He envisions leveraging his burgeoning academic career to contribute significantly to the reconstruction of his homeland, Syria, and play a pivotal role in its resurgence as a thriving nation.
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Modern University of Business and Science
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