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Bachelor's Degree
Aug 2023

Aisha Al Yassouf

Aisha Al Yassouf is from Idlib, Syria, and has been awarded the IIE Odyssey Scholarship by the Institute of International Education. She is a highly motivated high school student who began her Bachelor's journey passionately in Biomedical Engineering. She is committed to improving the lives of those who suffer from physical and mental limitations. Aisha is an avid reader and writer and plans to document her personal journey of overcoming obstacles to inspire others and support patients.  As a responsible member of society, Aisha believes that it is her duty to effect positive change in the world. Her participation in the fourth Vex robotics competition has provided her with valuable experience in mechanical and technological design. She has also excelled in the English language pioneer’s competition. Aisha's exceptional writing talent has enabled her to confidently introduce major events at her school, which has improved her teamwork and collaboration skills. Moreover, her love for learning has led her to support her peers during the COVID-19 pandemic and launch a campaign against smoking with her friends. Aisha is committed to continuous self-development and community service. In summary, Aisha is a diverse and passionate individual who is dedicated to making a positive impact during a critical time when supporting one another is more important than ever before. She is driven to achieve her goals through knowledge and contribute to the world's reconstruction process.
Academic Institution
Beirut Arab University
Field of Study
Biomedical Engineering

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Aisha Al Yassouf
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