Top Challenges Facing Agriculture SMEs in the Levant Region

A diagnostic study exploring the key barriers and potential interventions for entrepreneurs in Jordan and Lebanon.

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This comprehensive report unveils the multifaceted challenges and opportunities facing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) within the agriculture/agribusiness sector in the Levant Region, with a particular emphasis on Jordan and Lebanon. Commissioned by Jusoor and meticulously compiled by a team of dedicated researchers led by Mr. Bassem S. Mina, the research navigates through the nuances of economic impact, societal roles, and the specific hurdles encountered by women-led and Syrian refugee SMEs.

The report not only identifies key constraints but also propels forward-thinking strategies to foster growth and resilience in this vital sector. Through a blend of desk research and in-depth interviews, this report serves as a pivotal resource for stakeholders aiming to understand and enhance the landscape of SMEs in agriculture and agribusiness.

Published: November 2021
Language: English
Author: Mr. Bassem S. Mina
Commissioned by: Jusoor
Mina, B. S. (2022). Small & medium enterprises (SMEs) challenges in the agriculture and agri-business sector in the Levant region: Countries of concern: Jordan and Lebanon. Jusoor & Entrepreneurship Academy.
SME's Challenges REPORT

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of SMEs face challenges in increasing procurement costs.


of SMEs struggle with cash flow shortages for capital investments.


of SMEs face difficulties in recruiting skilled technical staff.


of SMEs cite insufficient production capacity due to lack of supplies as a concern.

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