May 13, 2022

World of Plants: Artificial Intelligence Meets Plants!

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Shahed Al Khatib is passionate about discovering the unlimited potential of artificial intelligence. She has always been fascinated by modern technologies and how to effectively employ them in agriculture. By witnessing one of the main challenges Jordanian farmers are facing nowadays, she came up with an exciting idea for her business - World of Plants.

World of Plants is an application empowered by a smart recognition technology using artificial intelligence. By simply taking a picture of their plants, farmers can determine what disease is affecting them, making it much easier to start the treatment and avoid loss.

Using this project, Shahed and her team hope to reduce the time and effort involved in identifying plant diseases, thus avoiding inappropriate treatment that can damage plants and contaminate soil and groundwater.

My journey with Jusoor has been exciting and fun. It fulfilled all of my expectations and the added value was immense.

Shahed shared that after a long time of being lost and in need of a mentor, she was finally in the right place to receive training and support. She believes that the sessions she attended at the Agriculture Accelerator made her discover how to manage her business and lead it to success. After pitching her business idea at the accelerator, World of Plants won second place. In five years. Shahed hopes to keep merging technology in agriculture and she doesn’t plan to stop pursuing her goal any time soon. Congratulations to Shahed and her team!

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