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February 17, 2022

The Importance of Active Presence: Parents' Meetings in Our Schools

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Parental involvement during school years is one of the most essential factors of a healthy scholastic experience. The active presence of parents comes with great benefits as it has been previously proven that initiating parent meetings contributes to an improved academic performance, a healthier student experience, and a more positive attitude towards education.

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In the case of displaced families, the necessity of parental involvement is especially crucial since both Syrian students and their parents are dealing with a different educational system, curriculums, and conditions. Being actively involved by listening to their concerns and exchanging expectations could lead to a healthier learning environment, and as a result, setting the foundation for uninterrupted communication. Every year, Jusoor’s educational centers host two parent meetings between May and December. During these meetings, parents engage in conversations, with our specialized counselors, on many different topics such as understanding the importance of child-parent communication, following and adopting non-violent methods, creating a positive psychological atmosphere, and supporting students in their educational pursuits.

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In times of COVID-19, Jusoor’s parent meetings focused on promoting hygienic practices to ensure the safety of every student in our schools. As a result, parents set an example for their children, who were encouraged to wear masks, wash their hands regularly, and follow the different hygienic rules we implement in our schools.

Parents need and want to be involved in the education of their children. These meetings help us level our communication, receive feedback and concerns, while working on creating a positive environment for our students.
Suha Tutunji, Academic Director
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Parents can have an incredible effect on the lives of their children. One of our former students, Baraa, received unmatched support from her parents who encouraged her to continue studying and achieve her goals. This healthy communicational approach encouraged Baraa to dream big, and carve her own path.

At Jusoor, we are fully committed to ensuring that education is accessible for every displaced Syrian child. It is our ongoing goal to provide students with attention, support, and a positive environment, which parents can greatly, and most certainly, contribute to.

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