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May 20, 2024

Lebanese Startup Provides Solutions to Powercuts with a Smart Phone App

Startup Roadshow 4 Winner addresses electricity issues in Lebanon
Ejet Elkahraba team winning 3rd place in jusoor startup 4 roadshow with Ziena Abudalbouh and Alexandra Chen

Lebanese startup Ejet Elkahraba is bringing much-needed relief to the country’s chronic electricity crisis. Their user-friendly app tackles this nationwide challenge by providing updates on power outages and availability.

In Lebanon, Electricity is a luxury. Given the unreliability of government-provided electricity which is both unpredictable and not scheduled, users either must wait around for whenever it comes or pay for generators to have 24-hour electricity – even in the Lebanese capital Beirut. 

This is where Abdulkader Khateeb, Ejet Elkahraba’s founder, decided to step in. Abdulkader's innovative app helps Lebanese residents stay informed about when they will have power. This allows them to plan their activities and avoid disruptions caused by unpredictable outages. 

"The app goes beyond notifications," explains Abdulkader. "It incorporates smart sensors to help users optimize their energy usage and reduce waste."

Ejet Elkahraba, also, provides its users with a smart switch that enables appliances to work only on the national power grid and a smart sensor to help optimize their energy usage and reduce waste.  Ejet Elkahraba isn't just about surviving power cuts, it's also about empowering users. The app offers valuable insights and suggestions for efficient electricity consumption, along with a predictive feature that forecasts power availability. This allows users to plan their activities and avoid inconvenience.

Ejet ElKahraba participated in Startup Roadshow 4’s networking, mentorship and training which all culminated in a Demo Day in Lebanon where they won third place,

“It was a valuable opportunity to connect with Jusoor and embark on this amazing six month journey together,” Abdulkader Elkhateeb says. “We learned how to properly establish our startup, understand the market and explore expansion to other countries.”

Since the Startup Roadshow, Ejet Elkahraba has grown significantly. They've successfully tested their app with 1,500 users and created three new jobs. This innovative startup is a prime example of Lebanon's flourishing entrepreneurial scene, where young minds are tackling the country's challenges head-on.

Startup Roadshow 4 is implemented by Jusoor and funded under the STEP program funded by SPARK, The Islamic Development Bank, and the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund.

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