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May 13, 2022

Khudretana Cultivating the Desert with Aquaponic

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Adnan Al-Turk is a Syrian farmer living in Irbid, Jordan. As he participated in the agriculture sector in his host community, he noticed a severe water shortage in Jordan and witnessed how it drastically, and negatively, affected traditional farming. Traditional farming is dependent on big amounts of water, which seems to be a challenge that grows bigger in Jordan with every passing day. However, innovative entrepreneurs, like Adnan, are continuously searching for alternative methods. Surely, the winner of the third prize of the Jusoor Agriculture Accelerator found a modern way to solve the problem of water shortage with Hydroponics. He built a miniature model of a hydroponic system in his own house and decided to participate in the accelerator.

Using floating basins, horizontal and vertical tubes, Adnan and his team provide the crops with the nutritional solutions required to produce a high-quality product. Their business could end up being the long-awaited solution for the severe agricultural challenges in Jordan.  “The training was highly beneficial, with lots of information.”  Adnan shared. He enjoyed applying all the assignments he was required to fulfill on his project. After winning the $2000 prize, Adnan will finally be able to progress from the transitional phase, to scale and grow his business the way he’s always dreamed of.

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