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High School Scholarships Assistant

Scholarship Program
Reports to:
Head of Scholarships
Part-time (20 hrs/wk) until Dec 2023 possibility full-time Jan 2024
12 months with the possibility of extension
Date of Commencement:
June 19, 2023
Contract Type:
Consultancy Contract
US $1000 / Month
Preferred Time Zone:
Deadline to Apply:
Monday, June 5, 2023

About Jusoor

Jusoor, which means "bridges" in Arabic, is an international NGO with the mission of “maximizing the potential of Syrian youth through education”. Since our establishment in 2011, Jusoor has been a catalyst for positive change by extending access to quality primary and secondary learning through our education centers in Lebanon. We also offer scholarships in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe for high school, Bachelor’s, and Master’s students from Syria to pursue their dreams of higher education. Third, through entrepreneurial training programs and opportunities, we help MENA youth realize their ideas by establishing startups and businesses. Finally, we are committed to providing career development and mentorship opportunities to help tackle the region’s challenge of unemployment. To date, our passionate and committed team of 60+ members works tirelessly across the world to serve and unlock the full potential of over 12,000 youth.

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Scholarship Program

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The Jusoor Scholarship Program enables Syrian youth to continue their academic studies and attain an education that will be essential to their futures as well as to the future of Syria. By supporting Syrian students to access excellent education institutions around the world, Jusoor is helping to create the next generation of Syrian leaders and building the capacity in the Levant for years to come.

About the Role

Are you passionate about access to quality education and helping Syrian students reach their highest potential?

If so, then this exciting opportunity might be the perfect fit for you! We are looking for a highly motivated and talented individual to join our Scholarships Program, and specifically our High School Scholarships (HSS) project.

Our Scholarships Program is designed to provide access to secondary and higher education to Syrian students in Lebanon and globally. In 2022, Jusoor established our Lebanon HSS Project, which currently supports 160 Syrian high school students in Tripoli and Bekaa.

The project covers tuition fees, transportation stipends, support classes, university application assistance and psychosocial support. For the 2023-24 academic year, we will increase this number to 300 and expand to Khaldeh as well. 

The High School Scholarships Assistant will play a vital role in ensuring that Syrian students in Lebanon graduate secondary school and are able to pursue opportunities for undergraduate degrees, and is responsible for maintaining the daily and long-term objectives of the program. Specifically, the HSS Assistant will develop relationships and maintain regular communication with partner schools, and provide consistent monitoring and evaluation of the program.

The main objective of the role is to guarantee that we are reaching the program’s goals to foster student well-being, ensure that students can confidently sit for the Lebanese Baccalaureate exams and apply to university as well as offer professional development opportunities for students and teachers.

Key Responsibilities:


  • Maintain close communication with Jusoor Partner schools.
  • Coordinate university and/or scholarship applications with the assistance of the Head of Scholarships and university support teachers.
  • Coordinate our partnership with MAPs to provide university application support for students in Jurahiya.
  • Attending monthly Education Sector meetings online

Capacity Building:

  • Conduct quarterly teacher trainings for each school on pedagogy-related topics such as types of assessment, classroom management and student-centered learning. 

Monitoring & Evaluation: 

  • Partner with Jusoor’s MEAL team to develop relevant M&E indicators and effective practices.
  • Visit each school in Tripoli, Khaldeh, and Bekaa once monthly to conduct teacher observations and other monitoring and evaluation activities.
  • Conduct bi-annual surveys and interviews with the students to evaluate the progress and success of the project as well as areas of improvement.


  • Write bi-annual M&E reports summarizing the findings from the M&E processes as well as data tracked from attendance and academic records. 
  • Work with the Communications Team to develop promotional materials about the scholars and projects (in coordination with the Head of Scholarships and the Scholarand Alumni Engagement Coordinator).

Admin and Finance:

  • Create a budget for each school, collect receipts on a monthly basis from each school for all expenditures, and maintain all financial records.
  • Ensure that relevant staff members in each school sign a contract outlining their responsibilities, compensation, and Jusoor’s child protection policy. 
  • Ensure that each student signs a Jusoor scholar contract
  • Support with the hiring of a University Admissions support class teacher/facilitator and a Psychosocial Support Counselor when needed

Other Tasks

  • Explore opportunities for the students outside of academic study (i.e. connections to other NGOs that offer skills training in fields such as computer science, IT, English, etc.).
  • Related research tasks and support to the wider program as needed.


  • Access to a computer or laptop with high-speed internet
  • Proficient communication skills in both English and Arabic, both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to prioritize, meet deadlines, and effectively collaborate with team members while also being self-motivated and able to work independently. In addition, candidates should possess strong multicultural awareness and gender-sensitive behavior

Required Skills and Experience

  • BA degree in a related field (Education, Sociology, Social Work, International Relations, Development, Human Rights, etc.).
  • Minimum 3 years of teaching experience in Lebanon, with the ability to provide teacher training in Arabic.
  • Project coordination and administration experience 
  • Demonstrated interest in improving access to secondary education for displaced Syrian youth
  • Knowledge of the Syrian youth context in Syria, Lebanon, and other host countries in the Middle East
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and willingness to support the Jusoor team.
  • Experience working with NGOs and/or in the education sector in Lebanon is strongly preferred.

Why Work with Us

Jusoor is a workplace where your growth and success matter. At Jusoor, you will have the opportunity to work with and learn from a talented and diverse team. We value integrity, accountability, fairness, and respect, and we incorporate these core values into everything we do. As an equal-opportunity employer committed to creating a welcoming work environment, Jusoor does not discriminate based on age, race, gender, religion, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation. People with disabilities and people of all gender identities are encouraged to apply.

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How to Apply

Submit your application including your CV/resume and Cover Letter by June 5, 2023

*Applications that do not follow the above instructions will not be considered.

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Job opening closes on
June 5, 2023
at GMT midnight

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