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10 June, 2019, San Francisco

Institute of International Education IIE Centenary Medal 2019

Jusoor receiving the Institute of International Education IIE Centenary Medal - 2019

Jusoor has been awarded the prestigious Institute of International Education (IIE) Centenary Medal, celebrating the organization’s contribution in transforming the lives of Syrian students and scholars through access to higher education.

The Medal was awarded to Jusoor co-founder and Chairwoman of the Board, Rania Succar, by IIE Senior Vice President Joyce Hendricks today at a ceremony in San Francisco.

“Over the years Jusoor has been a valued IIE partner, and your leadership and guidance has enabled us to maintain our standard of excellence in international education,”
Ms. Joyce Hendricks

In 2016, Jusoor began a partnership with IIE on the “100 Syrian Women, 10,000 Syrian Lives” Scholarship Program, which to date has enabled over 30 Syrian women to resume their studies at international universities despite ongoing conflict in their home country.

“Women’s education is disproportionately affected by war, with Syrian men three times more likely than women to resume their studies in exile,” explains Rania. “Programs like ‘100 Syrian Women’ have a multiplier effect, empowering not only the scholarship holders but whole communities.”

“This program is my life-changing experience, which I feel has increased my sense of responsibility toward Syria. This opportunity doesn’t only affect my life but also my family, friends, colleagues and students lives,” said scholarship recipient Aphrodite.

The program builds upon Jusoor’s higher education scholarship programs, which have enabled more than 600 Syrian students to complete their university education since the organisation’s inception in 2011.

“Jusoor is honored to receive this Medal and to work together with IIE on programs which enrich the lives of young Syrians through education.”
Rania Succar

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