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Headshot of Nina Weaver
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Jusoor Team

Nina Weaver

Head of Fundraising

Ms Nina Weaver is the Head of Fundraising at Jusoor. Nina brings with her over ten years of experience in the fields of development, management, and research for education program within various international humanitarian and refugee contexts. Before her move to Jusoor, Nina served as a Private Sector Partnerships Officer for Education for UNHCR in Copenhagen, focused on developing strategic partnerships and funding opportunities for UNHCR's education programs. Previously, she was the Senior Director of Partnerships and Research at the Global Education Movement (GEM), an innovative initiative to bring higher education and employment pathways to refugee learners worldwide. Her role focused on developing strategic partnerships at local, regional and global levels and leading research for programs in Kenya, Lebanon, Malawi, Rwanda and South Africa. Nina holds an MSc in Refugee & Forced Migration Studies from the University of Oxford. At Jusoor, Nina will leverage her expertise to advance the organisation's mission of enhancing educational opportunities for Syrian youth, working closely with teams to drive the development and growth of their innovative education programs to reach more learners.