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Headshot of Hadi Althib
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Jusoor Team

Hadi Althib

Parent Psychosocial Support Consultant

Hadi Althib is a mental health and psychosocial support specialist with 9+ years’ experience working with conflict- affected communities in the Middle East. Born in Syria and residing in the UK, Hadi defines himself as a global citizen and humanitarian. He has worked as an academic research assistant with the University of Essex and UNODC, technical advisor, program manager and coordinator, co-trainer, facilitator, and cultural interpreter with UNESCO, GIZ, Beyond Conflict, Asfari Foundation, The White Helmets, #MeWeIntl, and other international organisations.As a psychologist in training, and Jusoor and the Saïd Foundation scholar, Hadi has completed his Bachelor’s in Psychology and is pursuing an MA in Childhood Studies at the University of Essex. Hadi is particularly interested in the impact of war and displacement on childhood trauma, as well as in the influence of culture and society on mental health, parenting, and shame. Hadi’s work has been covered in TIME Magazine and is a contributing author to the Field Guide for Barefoot Psychology.Hadi is currently MHPSS programme manager and consultant in war zones, where he brings together his technical background in psychology and multimedia skills to elevate the mental health of refugee communities. Specifically, Hadi leads the effort to translate, simplify and disseminate scientific content to parents and teachers to help reduce violence and promote mental health and healthy child development.