Factors Influencing Syrian Refugee Youth in Continuing their Education in Lebanon

'Invisible Barriers' studies the main challenges Syrian refugees face influencing them from continuing their education post-9th grade in Lebanon

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This report investigates the challenges faced by Syrian refugees after completing the 9th grade in Lebanon, a critical turning point for students in the Lebanese education system. Utilizing a mixed-method approach, the study identifies factors that support or hinder Syrian refugee students' continuation of education. Key findings include the significant role of parental support, remedial education from NGOs, and students' personal perseverance. Conversely, challenges such as registration difficulties, transportation costs, language barriers, and financial hardships are major obstacles. The report offers recommendations for supporting Syrian students, emphasizing the importance of a supportive school environment, financial assistance, and mentorship programs.

Published: September 2020
Language: English
Authors: Maha Shuayb, Mohammad Hammoud, Ola Al-Samhoury, and Nader Durgham
Commissioned by: Latter-day Saint Charities
Shuayb, M., Hammoud, M., Al-Samhoury, O., & Durgham, N. (2020). Invisible Barriers: Factors Influencing Syrian Refugee Youth in Continuing their Education in Lebanon
Invisible barriers

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of school-aged Syrian children are out of education.


of Syrian refugee children make it to secondary school.


of Syrian refugee children enrolled reach grade 9.

2 years

are the average lost educational years

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