The Impacts of Covid-19 on Syrian-Led Businesses in Jordan

Discover the economic impact that Syrian-led businesses had to endure due to Covid-19.

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Syrian refugees in Jordan face unique challenges in starting and running businesses. This report delves into the nature of Syrian-led businesses, their struggles, and their successes. COVID-19 further highlighted the need for specialized support. Programs must consider business profiles and focus on practical skills building. This will foster economic opportunities for both refugees and host communities.

Published: September 2020
Language: English
Author: Saleem Najjar
Commissioned by: Jusoor
Najjar, S. (2020). The impacts of COVID-19 on Syrian-Led Businesses in Jordan. Jusoor.
Impact of covid-19 on businesses in Jordan

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of employed Syrian refugees in Jordan work in crafts and trades, which is the majority,  followed by elementary occupations (29%), and service and sales (14%).


Out of 1,085 Syrian businesses studied were formally registered. The majority operate informally, which poses challenges such as regarding legal recognition.


of Syrian-led registered businesses are Limited Liability companies. This choice reflects a preference for legal structures that provide personal liability protection for business owners.

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