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Public Event

How Can We Liberate Education to Support Practical Workplace Skills Development for Syrian Refugee Children in Resource-Scarce Crisis Contexts? The Case of Lebanon

Jun 2023
3.30pm - 6.30pm (GMT +2)
Pullman Hotel Centre Midi, Belgium
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About this event

We are excited to invite you to our upcoming event titled "How can we liberate education to support practical workplace skills development for Syrian refugee children in resource-scarce crisis contexts? The case of Lebanon." This event is organized by Jusoor, supported by the Asfari Foundation, and will take place as part of the Brussels VII Panels, leading up to the annual Brussels Conference Supporting the Future of Syria & the Region.

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Event Agenda

  • 3.30pm - 3.50pm: Welcome, presentation on research paper, and Q&A
  • 3.50pm - 4.40pm: Education Panel and Q&A
  • 4.40pm - 5.00pm: Afternoon Coffee Break
  • 5.00pm - 6.00pm: Employment Panel
  • 6.00pm - 6.30pm: Final Q&A and Closing

Research Paper Presentation

We will begin the event with a presentation on our recent Research Paper, which focuses on liberating education to facilitate access to meaningful, prosperous, and sustainable work opportunities for Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. The paper draws insights from Syrian adolescents enrolled in our Future Skills Project pilot and highlights innovative education and employment initiatives by various actors in Lebanon. We will explore case studies, literature, focus groups, and interview data to shed light on the challenges faced by refugees and vulnerable individuals in seeking employment and identify skills gaps in the market that present opportunities.

Education Panel

The Education Panel will focus on "21st Century Skills and Advancing Practical Education in Crisis Contexts." We are honored to have distinguished speakers joining us on this panel.

Panel Speakers

  • Clementine Brown, Co-Founder & Co-Director, CodeBrave
  • Joyce Dogniez, Vice-President Empowerment & Outreach, The Internet Society
  • Abdulrahman Alhalawani, Director of Programmes & Innovation, Asfari Foundation
  • Suha Tutunji, Head of Refugee Education, Jusoor
  • Samar Moussa, Masters Student in Modeling for Science and Engineering at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Jusoor Scholar
  • Richard Bampfylde, Moderator; Head of Fundraising, Jusoor

Employment Panel

The Employment Panel will delve into the topic of "Digital and Other Workplace Skills for Meaningful, Prosperous Employment in Lebanon." Esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds will share their expertise and insights.

Panel Speakers

  • Rania Succar, CEO of Intuit Mailchimp; Co-Founder, Jusoor
  • Yannick Du Pont, Founder & CEO, SPARK
  • Naeem Sayes, Communications Advisor, Talent Beyond Boundaries
  • Ameer Jawad, Co-Founder & CEO, TalPods
  • Neal El-Jor Taouk, Executive Director & Co-founder, Jobs For Lebanon
  • Dr. Alexandra Chen, Moderator, Trauma Psychologist and UN Advisor; Trustee & Interim Executive Director, Jusoor

What to Expect

Throughout the event, you can expect engaging discussions, insightful presentations, and a diverse range of perspectives on the challenges and opportunities in supporting practical workplace skills development for Syrian refugee children in resource-scarce crisis contexts. Our panels will explore digital skills, critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and essential 21st-century skills needed for meaningful employment. We will also discuss how the education system can be enhanced to meet the current and future needs of the population, with a focus on bridging skills gaps and fostering entrepreneurship.

This event will provide a unique opportunity to connect with INGOs/NGOs, institutions, members of civil society, UN member states, and representatives from the private sector. It is an ideal platform for networking, sharing knowledge, and collectively strategizing for the future of youth in the Middle East. We are grateful for the support of the Belgium Embassy in Beirut and the participation of partners, donors, and prospective partners and donors.

To ensure your attendance, we kindly request you to register. We look forward to your participation and contributions to this important event.

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