English Partner Roundtable - Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders
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English Language Roundtable

Empowering Tomorrow’s Leaders
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About this event

Join us on Wednesday, July 10th, as Jusoor is thrilled to bring together a diverse array of stakeholders, including educational experts, career development practitioners, English language educators, students, alumni, and more, for an enlightening and strategic conversation. Together, we will explore actionable points and recommendations practical recommendations for breaking down language barriers. Through collaborative brainstorming, creative problem-solving, and cooperative endeavors, our aim is to enhance opportunities and foster greater inclusivity in educational and professional domains.

Our panel will feature esteemed experts from academia and career development, offering insights into the complexities of language proficiency in today's global context. Following the panel discussion, attendees will participate in two interactive roundtable sessions. 

  • The first roundtable will delve into employment-related themes, focusing on business English language challenges and opportunities. Discussions will be led, aimed at identifying practical solutions and strategies for success in the workforce.
  • The second roundtable will explore educational themes, aiming to empower refugee youth through enhanced language skills within the educational sector.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions and contribute to shaping a brighter future.

Why Join Us?


  • Engage with experts in academia and career development to gain valuable insights into language proficiency challenges and opportunities in today's global landscape.


  • Participate in collaborative discussions aimed at identifying practical solutions and strategies to overcome language barriers and empower refugee youth.
  • Connect with diverse stakeholders, including educational professionals, career development practitioners, and students, to build meaningful connections and expand your network.


  • Be part of a collective effort to shape a brighter future by contributing your ideas and perspectives to impactful solutions.

About Jusoor 

Jusoor, which means "bridges" in Arabic, is an international NGO with the mission of “Maximizing the potential of Syrian youth through education”. Founded in 2011 by Syrian Diaspora in the private sector, Jusoor is a unique model of humanitarian intervention known for its innovative approach, dynamic and continuously improving programs, high-velocity execution, and the strength of its global partnerships. We believe in lean impact and hold ourselves accountable for being nimble and responsive to the realities of Syrian children and youth on the ground and in the diaspora. We are also non-political, non-religious, and globally registered in the US, Canada, UK, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Over the last 12 years, Jusoor has been bridging the opportunity gap for war- and displacement-affected children at each developmental stage through to their early career. Through our 4 programs – Refugee Education, Scholarships, Entrepreneurship, and Career Development — we have impacted the lives of over 14,000 children and youth through creating diverse and meaningful educational pathways in the Middle East, US, UK, Europe, and Asia; trained over 2,000 entrepreneurs; and empowered over 600 businesses and startups through mobilizing over 27 million USD in global support. Our committed team of 25 staff and 50 frontline educators work passionately to empower and elevate generations of Syrian youth.

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