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Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Jusoor's Academic Mentorship Program to contribute your valuable time and skills by helping Syrian youth to access university education.

Jusoor offers academic advice through the Academic Mentorship Program to Syrian students requiring help in their university application processes. The program is focused on connecting Syrians in the diaspora and others in the international community who are motivated to volunteer and support ambitious Syrian students to provide guidance in applying to university degree programs.

Mentees are expected to meet with their mentor at least one time per month for six months (June 1 - 30 November 2023) on a platform of their choice.

At the end of the mentorship sessions, mentees should know/have:

1. Which university and field of study they will apply to

2. Which language proficiency exams, if any, they need to take and when

3. Reference letters per the requirements of their intended university of study

4. CV, personal statement, and any essays to be used in their university application

Mentees and Mentors will be provided with a mentoring plan to help them organize their sessions, create goals and ensure that all components of the program are achieved. Mentees and mentors are matched based on the country or region that the mentee is interested in applying in, the field of study the student is pursuing, or a specific university the mentee is looking to enroll in. Mentees will also have the option to meet with their mentors for extra sessions focused on English language skills. A mentor may be matched with up to 3 mentees at the request. (Please see the form questions to indicate how many mentees you would like to work with.)


Professional Email Template: A well-crafted template for reaching out to scholarship/funding committees to inquire about financial aid options, editable upon context.

Motivation Letter Templates - MA/BA: Discover two motivational letter examples—one for a Bachelor's degree program and another for a Master's degree program—to effectively express your interest and qualifications when applying to universities, editable upon context.

General Entry Level Resume Template: Discover a comprehensive example of a general entry-level resume that highlights career goals, relevant qualifications, and valuable skills for contributing to a company's success.

General Clean Skills Resume Template: Explore a clean and professional resume template that highlights your experience, education, and key skills to demonstrate your qualifications and potential value to prospective employers.

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How often will the mentors and mentees meet?

Mentors are expected to meet with their mentee(s) at least three times per month for six months on a platform of their choice. Mentees will also have the option to meet with their mentors for extra sessions focused on English language skills.

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